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Parish Council

The size of the Parish Council is normally dictated by the size of the electoral roll. The current population of Coxheath determines that Coxheath Parish Council should comprise up to thirteen members. With effect from May 2016 the Parish Council has 6 elected, along with 6 co-opted members. Parish Council elections are held every four years, the last one having been held in May 2016. All members elected may serve for four years with any vacancies being filled by co-option.

Parish Council meetings are held, the last Tuesday in each month. The following dates in 2018:-
Tuesday 30 January 2018
Tuesday 27 February 2018
Tuesday 27 March 2018
Tuesday 24 April 2018
Tuesday 29 May 2018 - AGM
Tuesday 26 June 2018
Tuesday 24 July 2018
Tuesday 28 August 2018
Tuesday 25 September 2018
Tuesday 30 October 2018
Tuesday 27 November 2018

Clive Parker (Chairman)

Clive Parker (Chairman)
17 Adam Close

ME17 4QU
T: 01622 744536

Rodney Divall (Vice-Chair) 2

Rodney Divall (Vice-Chair)
14 South Crescent
ME17 4QB
T: 01622 744904

Keith Woollven 3
Val Page

Val Page
27 Park Way
ME17 4HH
T: 01622 741515

Elizabeth Potts

Elizabeth Potts
1a Hanover Road
ME17 4QH
Tel: 01622 744190

Cheryl Skinner

Cheryl Skinner
10 Duke of York Way
ME17 4GT
Tel: 01622 749426

Richard Webb