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30mph entry sign




Speed Watch Update - Oct 2018

Speed Watch has been operating in Coxheath since June 2015, with deployments at various locations throughout the Village. So far last month a total of 40 vehicles have been recorded exceeding the 30mph speed limit. The volume of traffic over the last 6 deployments covering 9 hrs was 2,485 vehicles.

All the registered owners of vehicles detected for a 2nd time or more during speed watch deployments are written to by the Police with letters of advice regarding the speed recorded. However, those detected at more than 50% over the limit, 45 mph, will be written to on the first detection. Speed watch is aimed at education rather than prosecution but the Police will retain details logged for a period of 12 months.

In the period there have been 361 - 1st time, 27 - 2nd time, 6 - 3rd time and 1 - 4th time detections. A total of 55 letters of advice have been issued, 34 for mid range infringements and 21 for vehicles exceeeding 45mph.

The current data is 330 at 30-39mph, 77 at 40-49mph, 8 at 50-59mph and 1 at 72mph.

Speed watch will continue throughout 2018. New members would be welcomed to the group to help with this important work. Please contact Richard Webb at richardwebb@maidstone.gov.uk if you are interested.