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Consultation Neighbourhood Plan/Traffic Calming

A delay in producing an updated Maidstone Local Plan has led to Maidstone Borough Council recently increasing its housing target by nearly 50% to 14,800, some of which the Borough Council is likely to allocate in Coxheath.

 As part of the Maidstone Local Plan process six possible sites have been put forward in Coxheath, and a key role of Coxheath’s plan is to ensure that any sites chosen should be appropriate in size, deliver significant benefit to the local community, and do not threaten the separate identity and rural character of the village. The vision for Coxheath is to maintain our separate identity and character as a compact sustainable community, with a good range of shopping, services and facilities, surrounded by a strongly protected ‘green belt’ of countryside.

The consultation also covers improving the village centre, parking, GP health facilities, recreation and amenity, walking /cycling and protection of community assets.