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The Grannies

The Grannies

A Fantastic Contest!



Coxheath's World Custard Pie Championships

Coxheath's world famous Custard Pie Championship  provided another excellent afternoon competition at the Coxheath Village Hall Field. Teams from across the country and further afield like Japan  lined up to do battle to win the coveted trophy, over 2000 pies were flung under strict rules of the contest before the winning team were declared.


The event was free to the public and there were lots of stalls and interesting activities for young and older.

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin, the World Custard Pie Championships have been held since 1967 in the village of Coxheath, Kent. Originated by Councillor Mike FitzGerald to raise funds for the village hall the contest enjoyed many years in Coxheath before disbanding and returned in 2007. Over the year's so many pies have been thrown at the Championship events, Teams competing from all around the world. Many Countries have followed in our footsteps, throughout the years; now  the contest is back in Coxheath.

With thanks to Official World Custard Pie Website: