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More Recreation Land Facilitated by Housing



Consultation on Amenity/ Housing

Coxheath  Village Hall on 8th and 9th March.

Friday 8th March 2pm – 8 pm, Saturday 9th March 9am – 3pm

The exhibition will show how and where amenity/recreational land might be made available to the community, facilitated by an element of private housing development

Two sites have been brought forward by landowners:-

  1. Linden Farm, adjacent to the Village Hall
  2. Land adjoining the west of the village, north of Heath Road, known as ‘Older’s Field’

In addition there will be a further opportunity to make an input to the initial consultation on the Coxheath Neighbourhood Plan

Please come along and give your views on these important issues for the local community

Some Background Information

Over the past 7/8 years a considerable amount of consultation has taken
place to ascertain people’s thoughts on how Coxheath might develop in
the future. During this process a key issue emerged relating to the
need/desire to enhance amenity/recreational facilities in the
community. It became evident that Coxheath had well below the
standard in terms of acreage of land for such uses and therfore to
provide any enhancement, additional land would be necessary.
Two local landowners have indicated their willingness to make available
land to the community for amenity/recreational use. In both instances,
landowners would be wishing to achieve an element of new private
housing development to facilitate the gifting of land to the community.

Site 1
Land belonging to Linden Farm adjacent to the Village Hall,
Stockett Lane
Approx 3 acres of land could be made available to facilitate:
 Tennis Courts l Petanque Pistes
 Bowling Green l Allotments
 Car Parking

Site 2
Land to the west of Heath Road adjacent to Wakehurst Close and
Whitebeam Drive - known as Olders Field
Approx 10.5 acres of land could be made available to facilitate:
 Cricket Pitch/Open Space
 Nature Park/Woodland Area
 Additional Allotments