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Strong Objections to this proposal



Govt proposal to move Coxheath to Tonbridge C.C

The Government's Boundary Commission have proposed that Coxheath be moved from Maidstone and the Weald to the Tonbridge Constituency, along with several other Maidstone parishes. This is to help achieve the Government's policy of increasing the size and reducing the number of constituencies. The BC proposals seem to be a purely bureaucratic numbers game that pay no attention to real communities, or accessibility of MP's surgeries. For shopping, services, bus routes etc Coxheath looks to Maidstone not Tonbridge.

If this radical redrawing of constituency boundaries goes ahead the MP for Tonbridge CC will have to deal with three different District Councils - Tonbridge and Malling, Maidstone, and Ashford. All this upheaval to reduce the number of MP's in the South-East from 84 to 83, with that loss being in our area even though the population of the County is planned to grow by 200,000 in the next few years.

Maidstone parish councils are strongly objecting to the proposals. Please go to: